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Gabriel Baradee: a profile in fashion

For designer Gabriel Baradee, “fashion” means many things. His unique vision and multifaceted approach has garnered him recognition and reward since the 2009 launch of his line, Shakkei. Influenced by architecture and Japanese culture, he approaches fashion with methodical creativity and an ethical commitment to environmental sustainability. He treats fashion as a handicraft, but also […]


Announcing the Ninth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices to be held at the Chicago University Center (USA), 12-14 March, 2015. Abstracts are accepted in monthly rounds. Proposals received at each monthly deadlines will be reviewed between two to four weeks of the corresponding deadline. Presentation types include paper, poster, workshop, or colloquia. All information available at:  designprinciplesandpractices.com
Visit the website of Design Principles and Practices here