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Dancing Tragedy: Alexander McQueen’s Aesthetics of Spectacle

Alexander McQueen’s work has had a huge impact on the fashion industry, both for the radical experimentation of his designs—often embodying a darker strain of Romanticism—and for the innovative ways in which he presented these, in a show whose concept was frequently inspired by cinema, also drawing from literature, theatre, dance and music, and even […]

Typology and typography: Bridging the type / token / tone distinction

  Abstract Peirce’s type/token (and tone) distinction is well known, and has proven useful in many avenues of theoretical and applied thought. This paper argues that, despite the logical dichotomy in which it is expressed, the distinction between what is a type, what is a token, and what is a tone is in fact quite […]

The autoethnography of creative design: From Medium to Shift

Abstract This article explores the potential of an autoethnographic method for academic reflection on processes of creative design. Inspired by work such as Livingston´s Ethnographies of Reason, the author uses this method to trace her own reasoning and decision-making when trying to design or ‘build’  garments in such a way as to establish a dialogue […]


Announcing the Ninth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices to be held at the Chicago University Center (USA), 12-14 March, 2015. Abstracts are accepted in monthly rounds. Proposals received at each monthly deadlines will be reviewed between two to four weeks of the corresponding deadline. Presentation types include paper, poster, workshop, or colloquia. All information available at:  designprinciplesandpractices.com
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